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I am currently pursuing my MSW (Masters in Social Work) at Marywood University on their Lehigh Valley campus. I am a graduate student in the part-time program, because I work full-time as a Caseworker at Child Care Information Services, Inc. It's tiring and makes for some long days (and nights!), but it's also wonderful. My ultimate goal is to become an L.C.S.W. and counsel individuals with eating disorders and other mental illnesses.

I plan to get licensed upon graduation, which will make me an L.M.S.W. (Licensed Master Social Worker) and work in the field until I am able to get licensed as an L.C.S.W. (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) and have a private practice.

All this, of course, is subject to change, as life is unpredictable and filled with opportunities and circumstances still unknown to me! One thing is for certain - I will be working in the field of eating disorders once I have my MSW. It is where my heart lies.

If you are looking for information on the eating disorder support group I lead or need resources (or simply someone to talk to about your eating disorder), please email me at